Testimonials from some of our satisfied clients:

It’s hard to overstate how important being able to communicate effectively and often with your contractor is during a renovation. Steve was recommended to us by the mother of one of my daughter’s preschool classmates who kept saying, “he was on time and on budget.” I’d never heard that from real clients before and it caught my attention. When my husband and I were ready to embark on our major renovation in 2007, we talked with several contractors and hired Steve -- who was on time and on budget. Steve said we would be back in our house within 7-10 months and we were back in at the seven-month mark. We had some complicating factors during the project (what project doesn’t?) but we could talk them through and come up with the best solution for us (both from a lifestyle standpoint and from a financial one). Steve’s team has been with him a long time and they are very good at what they do. The foreman/master carpenter is a true problem solver, in addition to being a gifted craftsman, and came up with a number of creative solutions to tricky construction issues. Undertaking a renovation is no small investment but our “new” home is exactly what we wanted. If I had to renovate again, Steve would be the contractor I’d call.

- Karin Beecher - Newton, MA

Now that we are settled in with the “new” construction part of our everyday lives (bathrooms; den and garden room; terrace), it’s easier to reflect on the process that began last winter and seemed so daunting at the time. You and your carpenters and subs deserve a very grateful thank you. You handled the work throughout in a professional and efficient manner, balancing a nice sense of humor with the necessity of explaining a difficult process, answering endless questions and making many constructive suggestions, often aimed at cost reduction and/or expediting the project. You were a good problem solver and your team always showed up on time and were courteous, friendly, neat, and sensitive to the angst experienced by homeowners who continued to live in the house during construction. We always felt that you were very attentive to the job, easily reachable, ready to face emergencies, willing to meet with us or the architect at any time, and prepared to stand by your work and cure any glitch. You were fair in your billing and we have no doubt that you will show up promptly should the occasion arise hereafter to address any aspect of the job. And, not least, the new space is simply wonderful. We are using it and have consistently received rave reviews from our friends. We wish you a happy and healthy 2007.

- Joyce and Guy Moss - Newton, MA

Working with Walsh Construction on the 2004 addition to our 1920's colonial home was a pleasure from start to finish. The project took five months to complete, and given that we added roughly 1500 square feet of living space and changed/touched every room in the house, that is an amazing feat! 

The team of workmen - carpenters, plumbers, electricians - was a fun bunch, and has worked with Steve Walsh for a long time, so the process was unbelievably smooth, and there was coordinated work going on every day. Since we wanted to live in the house during construction, the carpenters set up temporary walls to minimize dust and disruption, as well as a temporary basement kitchen to accommodate us. 

The quality of the finish work and its match to the existing house is superb, and given that I am extremely picky, that is saying something! Steve has integrity; he prides himself on the quality of his work and on completing his projects ahead of schedule and on budget. I especially liked the fact that he addressed any concerns I raised during the project immediately. 

I love my new home, but I can honestly say that I miss the work crew that I grew accustomed to seeing every day. I highly recommend Walsh Construction and would be happy to speak to any prospective clients in more detail.

- Susan Bellerose

I can think of a number of reasons to recommend Walsh Construction. The three that seem most important are:
  1. Steve Walsh is a smart man. He understands that getting the work done on time and on budget is good for him and for his clients. He knows that maintaining a good relationship with City Hall is important to keep a smooth construction process. He appreciates that work well done is required to maintain a good reputation, as well as being desirable to the client.
  2. Walsh Construction brings good people aboard. The Walsh crew produces high quality work, they have been working with Steve a long time, and they all work together well. In addition, Steve maintains good working relationships with subcontractors whose work he knows and trusts, and who are dependable and available when Steve needs them to be.
  3. Finally, the whole group has a great sense of humor - an important element in the stressful construction process!

- Izabella Synnott - Synnott Architects, Inc.

Dear Steve: I've been remiss in not writing you sooner to tell you how much Jo and I have enjoyed the relationship we've had with your Company and how much we appreciate what you have done for us. 
We've been working with you for over five years, starting with the major addition and continuing on with other projects. We remain consistently impressed with your absolute reliability and the quality of your work and of your sub contractors. Our past experiences with contractors has been pretty much unsatisfactory, and promises not kept, schedules not maintained and a series of tiresome excuses. This has certainly not been our experience with you, Steve. 

I can't picture our making a decision concerning any aspect of the house without consulting you. You'll be hearing from us shortly about our old boiler which we've been told by Keyspan should be replaced. We wouldn't consider proceeding without getting your advice and knowing of your ongoing interest is very reassuring to us. 

Thanks again Steve and we look forward to working with you again - you've been a real friend to us! 

- Bob Asher

Steve Walsh and his crew are true professionals. Their workmanship is exceptionally sound and skilled. The projects we have worked on together have always been delivered on the budget and within the schedule set out at the beginning. Changes to the work are always handled clearly and fairly. 

Walsh Construction's involvement in a project ensures a well built outcome.

When it came time to build my own house, there was no contractor I would rather have had than Walsh Construction.

This office will continue to recommend and use Walsh Construction for projects.

-John Tittmann, Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Inc. 

Two years ago, the craftsmen at Steve Walsh Company transformed the living room and dining room in my condominium. Working with a talented architect, Walsh Company removed several walls, added a graceful skylight, and restored the wooden floors to timeless beauty. A subcontractor installed cental A/C with three thermostatic zones, thereby completing the renovation.

The new skylight deserves special mention. One of Walsh's fine craftsmen, Tom, had a suggestion to make the architect's design even more beautiful. With a February storm approaching, I approved the modification. Working under intense pressure as the winds increased and as heavy snow threatened, Tom built the most graceful skylight I have ever seen. As the snow started to fall late that afternoon, Tom had buttoned the roof and we celebrated his amazing design.

- Dave B, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Steve & his whole crew were a pleasure to work with, and we couldn't be happier with our addition. It was a daunting project, but the whole process went much more smoothly than we had dared hope. We recommend Walsh Construction wholeheartedly!

-Lisa Mirabile & Giles Birch

When we first started the bidding process of the project, we were well aware of Steve's distinguished reputation, however, what struck me most about Steve Walsh was his commitment to staying on time and within our budget.

With Steve, it became very clear from the onset of the project that the relationship between him and his customers was a prime concern. His crew is all business in their ability to execute any task at hand with efficiency and craftsmanship worthy of Norm Abrams!
Steve's relationship with Newton's Engineering, Water & Sewer Departments as well as his adeptness in dealing with the different inspectors through the various stages of construction proved to be invaluable.

If someone were to ask me to describe Steve Walsh and his crew, I would easily say that the characteristics that resonate the most are his honesty, integrity, professionalism, experience, quality craftsmanship, intelligence, and his ability to work through any difficult issue with humor, giving my wife and I a sense of ease, knowing we're in good hands.

- Sean Fitzgerald, Newton, MA

Steve Walsh has done a great deal of work on my house in Cambridge, both inside and out. I have always found him consciencious, reliable, courteous (and humorous). All of his crew--carpenter, electrician, plumber, painters, etc.--are exceptionally professional. To a man, they were thoughtful of me as they worked. They were pleasant to be around and I looked forward each morning to their arrival. They were polite, neat, worked fast and hard, and made sure everything was cleaned up when they left in the afternoon. I think they have all worked a long time for Mr. Walsh and hold a deep loyalty toward him. To me such loyalty is important. I have the highest regard for the Walsh Construction Company.

- Phyllis Seidel 

From the start, Steve's proposal for our addition from the architect's drawings was thorough and comprehensive. He made sound recommendations for design improvements and changes to materials based on his knowledge and experience. Then, he gave us a work schedule and starting date.

We were told how to prep for the constuction and the crew started on time. When problems arose, they worked with the architect and structural engineer to fix them quickly and not affect schedule. The coordination with his professional subcontractors was effective and everyone worked together well to ensure we were happy with the work at all times. The worksite was clean, orderly and safe. Inspections with the city went smoothly.

Since we were taking on some of the project ourselves, he took on the additional burden to manage us. Where items that effected schedule were our responsibility, we got sufficient lead-time to get them done. Throughout the project, the line of communication were open with Steve and the crew to discuss any point about the construction - we felt very involved.

We finished the main project on time and within our budget and decided to start phase 2 of the project. We had some planning issues with the city and the overall design of the front porch. Steve helped us work through these issues quickly by recommending changes and the appropriate people to talk to at city hall.

Overall, we are very pleased with the addition and the front porch. The architect and the crew worked together very well. The fact that we got a work schedule and kept to it, despite problems that come up on any construction project, was the most impressive. I would recommend the Walsh Company for any project.

- Peter

We decided to expand our house in 1999 due to a second child on the way. We had plans drawn up by an architect to add approx 1700 sq feet of living space. This included a finished basement, family room & 3 new bathrooms. Our existing home is 100 years old so we wanted to match the nice finish work in the new addition as well. We started calling four area contractors in 1999 and had months of run around with no return phone calls and no follow up with any price estimates. We were frustrated and considered moving instead of going through these troubles. We saw the Walsh Construction sign on a home close to ours in early 2000. The homeowner was very happy with the work so I called Steve Walsh. To my surprise he returned my call within 1 hour & came to our house the next day. He gave us an estimate and we hired him without any other prices because he was always easy to reach, very professional and had great references. The job took about 4 months and it went very smoothly. There are always obstacles and disruption going through this process. Steve's builders took many steps to help keep the turmoil to a minimum. They erected temp walls and cleaned up at the end of each day. The end result was outstanding. I am very particular and was very happy with the Walsh construction work & the subcontractors' work. There was activity going on every day and the project was finished on time. I would recommend Walsh Construction without hesitation. Feel free to call me if you would like to get any further information.

- Edward Urquiola, Newton, MA